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Who am I in the morning when the day light calls my name? When all around invite me to come here and join the game “Come at once, pull up a chair and do not be so shy!” Hearing what I’m not to be, I wonder, who am I? Who am I at the mid-day […]

Hidden Agenda Much?

One never will be seen as wise Who looks without another’s eyes Sees only what he wants to see In spite of what may truly be   I read the book “The Poisonwood Bible” a few years ago. It was on the best seller’s list and on Oprah’s Book Club. As an occasional viewer of […]

Tuesdays With Mom

Since last summer (2011), since dad died, mom and I have been hanging out and painting, walking, talking, eating on Tuesdays. I was with her when he died. We weren’t with him. We had been keeping vigil together for almost four months as he . . . was dying. But that’s another story. A god-awful […]