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My Promise to Ray

My most vivid memories of my friendships are after the age of five. But, so far as childhood friendships go, one in particular is most memorable. Mostly because it wasn’t really a friendship – more of a tolerance. Kay appointed me as her best friend. I didn’t really like her. She would come over my […]

Candy from Strangers

I learned a lesson in childhood – don’t take candy from strangers. People use candy to get you to do what they want. Sometimes it is something good for you, sometimes it is not. Take the candy? You have been manipulated. How do you know if an idea you have is actually your own? How […]

Sometimes You Just Need Some Holy Ground!

Since the loss of my father, I have been on a journey to find – redefine – reconnect – with God. I feel compelled to share what happened this past Saturday morning. I experienced something amazing. This past Saturday morning was beautiful. Adding to the beauty of the morning, I finished a chapter in Rita Platt’s book, […]