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It’s Been Such a Long Time . . .

. . . since I posted anything. And where does my mind go from this? Long Time . . . Boston. My favorite song from high school was this “good-bye – moving on – looking back” song.  At this point in my life, I can say with all honesty that for me “Long Time” by Boston is […]

Less Like Scars

When you are going through an ordeal, the last thing you think about is the other side of it and what you might learn from it. Time brings clarity. Time brings healing. But time will never bring back the way things were. Time is the passage way through the tears cried, the anger – expressed […]

Tuesdays With Mom

Since last summer (2011), since dad died, mom and I have been hanging out and painting, walking, talking, eating on Tuesdays. I was with her when he died. We weren’t with him. We had been keeping vigil together for almost four months as he . . . was dying. But that’s another story. A god-awful […]

Hello world!

I have something to say. I have a story. Don’t we all? This is a great way to share, don’t you think? When I was 23, I remember thinking that if someone wrote a story about my life, the reader would die of boredom. In some opinions, a smooth, trouble-free life is the desired existance. […]