The Author

Mary Ellen, that’s m.e., grew up in Beltsville, Maryland – number four of six children. When you’re number four in a big family, you do what you can to get noticed. I didn’t have a loud voice, so I strove to excel at the things I loved to do. Art became my “ace” with a fierce attention to detail that spilled over into a number of different areas like music and language study.

After high school, I set out to get a degree in Art with the desire to illustrate children’s books. When college had to go on the back burner, my employment drew me to computers. For some reason, they intrigued me and I could make them work for me with minimal instruction.

Eleven years after graduating high school, working full time for nine, I earned a BS in Information Systems at UMUC with a minor in Art. With every job I worked, creativity crept in. Whether it was creating forms, learning desktop publishing, drawing illustrations, making signs, creating logos, writing articles, producing a newsletter, designing ads – I have been able to incorporate my attention to detail in artistic ways.

A few of life’s little detours took me back to college to study Art. I have been taking classes at the local community college with the aim of writing and creating my own picturebooks.

Columbia is my current home with my husband. We have four daughters post high school age and residing in Maryland as well.


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