Magic Eyes

I wrote this poem in response to an illustration of forgiveness – which is a constant necessity in marriage – a parable called “Magic Eyes: A Parable of Forgiveness” written by Lewis Smedes

My weapons are words in this “me” revolution – Rage and anger; grenades that you toss
Plenty of wounds but no resolution – Both sides chalk up further loss

I wonder when you will come to your senses
You don’t even want to be near me
As I hide behind my fears and defenses
Can you even hear me?

How can you hear the cry of my heart
When accusation is all you can hear?
How can I hear the cry of your heart
My defense says, “don’t shed one more tear”?

Our hearts both cry out for love and affection – And desire to love and adore
But securely wrapped up in reactive protection – These cries, we completely ignore

You wonder when I will come to my senses
I don’t know what it’s like to be you
As you hide behind your fears and defenses
Do I really see you?

How can I see the desire of your heart
When rejection is all I can see?
How can you see the desire of my heart
Your defense says, “it’s time to flee”?

So, do we continue to struggle in vain? Or see past each other’s disguise?
Lord, help us to see we have much more to gain. Oh Lord, grant us Your magic eyes!

For You see that each one of us has great worth
So much so you gave up your Son
You are in the business of death and rebirth
And death is a battle you’ve won

So Lord I beseech You: Please answer my cry!
You know both sides – not just one part
I lay down my weapons and look to the sky
Lord to You I surrender my heart

Written: April 13, 2003 – revised June 15, 2010


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