Monthly Archives: September 2014

Magic Eyes

I wrote this poem in response to an illustration of forgiveness – which is a constant necessity in marriage – a parable called “Magic Eyes: A Parable of Forgiveness” written by Lewis Smedes My weapons are words in this “me” revolution – Rage and anger; grenades that you toss Plenty of wounds but no resolution […]


I choose a mate to fill the space That God was meant to fill And fall in lust and call it grace Surrendering my will   But all the while I dig in deep And rarely think it odd I pray the Lord my soul to keep My mate’s a lousy god!   We find […]


The caged tiger paces to and fro, captivated in apprehension Silently and longing to be known, the possessor assesses the tension. “Calm down! you untamed passion for it is on you I cannot rely My heart is enshrouded in a lonely bastion of hope that my head will only deny” Behold the towering wall; built […]