Candy from Strangers

smarties-cute-colorful-cute-adorable-Favim_com-545875I learned a lesson in childhood – don’t take candy from strangers. People use candy to get you to do what they want. Sometimes it is something good for you, sometimes it is not. Take the candy? You have been manipulated.

How do you know if an idea you have is actually your own? How do you know it isn’t the product of manipulation? Have you adopted idealogy for candy?

Throughout history “the Masses” have been seen as sheep by those in power. As a whole, they are stupid, gullible, and must be cared for. If the masses are happy, the powerful get to stay in control. If the masses are unhappy, that’s where revolution happens and we don’t want another civil war or a revolution or anything. Better to keep them happy. Better to maintain control.

So, how would those in power keep the masses under control?

Tell them they are entitled to “candy.” For the most part, the population of the United States has been/is preoccupied with their right to happiness. Threaten what we want that makes us happy? Watch out.

What better way to keep the masses’ attention off actual politics than getting them to focus on gay marriage – the “civil rights” movement/atrocity of this century? What better way to keep the sheep asleep to what is actually happening in our government, than fueling a fight over health care? Give a person a social cause to fight? What do we care about taxes or a shift towards social democracy? What does that even mean?!! Who really cares? As long as the religious sanctity of marriage is saved. As long as I get my free birth control. As long as I don’t have to pay more taxes. As long as my brother can marry his boyfriend. As long as my cousin doesn’t get deported.

I am not saying these issues are not important. I am saying they are being used like candy to buy votes. They are being used like candy to manipulate us.

Create a dependence, you have control. Do you really know and understand the ideologies of the politicians you vote for? Have you ever read the U.S. Constitution? Do you know the difference between Socialism and Capitalism, Democracy and Republic? Or have you been eating a lot of Smarties?


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