Tuesdays With Mom

Since last summer (2011), since dad died, mom and I have been hanging out and painting, walking, talking, eating on Tuesdays. I was with her when he died. We weren’t with him. We had been keeping vigil together for almost four months as he . . . was dying. But that’s another story. A god-awful story. So, anyway, Tuesday is our day to hang out.

Today (Thursday) we went to the Farmer’s Market in Beltsville. We tried to go Tuesday. It even SAID Thursday on the sign. So I came back down to Beltsville to go with her.

There weren’t a lot of “farmers” – maybe 6 vendors in all. And three of them weren’t even selling farm produce. Jewelry, Soap & Lotion products, and bread. Slim pickin’s too. Mom bought a tomato plant, kale, and some sugar-snap peas. I bought two beef-steak tomato plants, a quart of AMAZING strawberries, and some shaving soap.

We went home and had some of her home-made soup, strawberries, and sugar peas. Yum!

I’ve spent more time with mom – just me & mom – in the past year than ever in my life.

I finally have a mom all to myself – on Tuesdays.

I love her. She is a true jewel!



  1. ruthm316 · · Reply

    Jealous, yep! Enjoy every minute!

  2. Cherish every single Tuesday.

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